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I'm Alan Heighway, the owner of Results Sales Promotion. I'm in my fifties and have been in sales promotion all my life.

I've been self-employed since 1978 so profit from the knowledge I've acquiredavoid promo's that don't work!

We all make mistakes and I made most of mine in the '70s & '80s! Over the years I made 2 discoveries that completely changed my approach to promotions using giveaways.

First: select an item your staff and customers would normally buy for themselvesthen brand it. They keep it and your message stays with themnot in the bin!

Second: choose an item that will be used and will run outthen customers will need a replacement or refill. This pulls them back to youor gives you a reason to return to them!

So don't risk your next promotion with the usual. Use my discoveries to select an item that keeps your message in their hands and your brand in their mind.

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