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Towelettefor Hands & Face

With so much attention given to health and personal hygiene, towelettes have become a popular way to stay clean without soap and water whilst promoting your brand. When opened, the towelette instantly releases a clear, cleansing perfume. When applied to your hands and face, they remove any grease or flavours from food or drink and a pleasant cleanliness remains.

The front of each towelette can be labelled with your message while the back is pre-printed with the directions for use.

Being small and light, it’s easy for people to carry 3 or 4 in the car or in their bag or purse.

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Promotion Ideas

Create an offer that your customers want and print it on the pack:

buy 1... get 1 free a logon offer in-store discount

When the offer makes sales, the towelettes don稚 costhey pay for themselves.

Hands & Face Towelettes are always welcome at any event where your guests with be served food & drink:

sponsored dinners conferences trade displays

Towelettes can also be direct-mailed to customers at the standard letter rate.

See our Promotions Guide for other great ideas!

Size & Branding

Towelette: 190x135mm; Pack: 60x93mm; gross weight: 8g

Carton: 38x30x30cm - 1,000 units/carton; gross weight: 7kg

Label: height 80mm; width 49mm; printed in PMS or 4 colours

Ex-stock towelettes are supplied unlabelled, allowing you to apply
existing self-adhesive labels. Alternatively, we can complete the
artwork, print the labels and apply to each towelette for you.

Download artwork specifications for the Hands & Face/Phone
Cleaning Towelette in PDF format.

Custom-made Towelettes

For 10,000+ towelettes, you’ll save money if we print your message on the pack and eliminate labelling or printing each pack by hand. The packs can be printed in up to 4 spot colours. Choose between paper economy, or our thick non woven fabric, with a choice from 9 fragrances.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery from approval of artwork.


This is a guide only, for supply with a 2 colour. Unit prices have been rounded up the nearest 5c. Artwork is not included.

Quantity 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000
Unit price $1.50 $1.20 $1.00 $0.60

Contact us for a full costing


Ex-stock: Unlabelled towelettes
Labelled: allow 5-20 days from approval of artwork
Custom made: allow 6-8 weeks from approval of artwork

Towelette for Hands & Face sample

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Removing a towelette

Back of Towelette pack

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Infection Control Towelette

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