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Label Dispenser

Label Dispenser

Here’s a new way to keep your name and number at your customer’s fingertips. The Label Dispenser - a small plastic box branded with your name, logo, product name and/or phone number.

The Label Dispenser is filled with labels that help your customer - they are printed with any message you want. The most common are labels that have been personalised with your customer’s business name and phone number.

Very few customers will throw away a dispenser of labels loaded with their name and address because:

it's unique - they'll appreciate the trouble you've taken
they can't give it to anyone else

If your customers are regular label users they will call you for more - and even if your customers are not regular label users they are likely to keep them for 'future use' for a long while.

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Size & Branding

personalised Label Text

Horizontal labels can have between 1 to 4 lines of text data and the length of the label determines the number of characters. Vertical labels allow more lines but with fewer characters.

You choose the text for each line - this could be customer name, address, phone no, website address, etc. You may wish to include a promo line, such as 'Authorised Dealer'.

Provide your data in an Excel file, with each label line in a separate column. Below is an example for a label with 4 lines of text - if you only require 3 lines then submit 3 columns of data.

Line 1 text Line 2 text Line 3 text Line 4 text
Label 1 Jan Smith Jones & Co 1 Brown St... ... Vic, 3128
Label 2 Bob Jones Smith Bros 23 Blue Rd... ... NSW, 2871

Contact us for further details.


This is a guide only, for a Label Dispenser with a 2 colour pad print on 1 side, loaded with 100 personalised labels of 90mm x 25mm. Unit prices have been rounded up the nearest 10c. Artwork is not included.

No. Dispensers 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000
Unit price $28.00 $19.45 $12.75 $7.85 $6.20

Because we have a large range of label sizes, shapes and colours,
please contact us with your exact label requirements for an
accurate costing.


Dispensers with printed rolls of labels: 10-20 days from approval
of artwork

Label Dispenser

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Dispenser showing label roll

Sample label

Sample label

Sample label

Campaigns & ideas


Hyster label Hyster dispenser

To increase sales of genuine spare parts, Hyster gave forklift service technicians roles
of personalised, weatherproof labels - this encouraged them to use genuine spares.
Leaving a sticker on the serviced forklift gave customers a name and number to call.


Honda label Honda dispenser

Honda sells its power equipment through 400+ dealers across Australia.
Honda provided each dealer with roles of labels to attach to any item sold
as well as to brochures and other information sent to potential buyers.

Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before Your Dig label Dial Before You Dig dispenser

Damage to underground cables and pipes with construction equipment can be avoided if
Contractors 船ial before you Dig'. These labels and dispensers are given to engineers
providing site plans to contractors and they apply a label to the plan as a reminder.

AmbrA Lubricants

AmbrA Lubricants label AmbrA Lubricants dispenser

New Holland assist their dealers to sell AmbrA engine oils and lubricants by providing them
with a roll of reminder labels they stick on invoices, envelopes and brochures.

New Holland Agriculture

New Holland label

New Holland printed 1,000痴 of labels for the sons and daughters of their customers to use
on their school books. These stickers are given away at field days and trade shows.

Ex-stock labels

Save time and money by using any of our ex-stock labels.
Just send us your names and we'll overprint them.

Sample  Idea ex-stock label

Sample Palms ex-stock label

Sample Roses ex-stock label

Sample Christmas ex-stock label

Sample I Love ex-stock label

Help your resellers/dealers

Each time they make a sale, your customer sticks a label on the
product or paperwork reminding their customer to return.

Sample label Sample label Sample label

Sample label Sample label

Sample label

Die-cut labels

Labels can be die-cut to include your logo or product or
to make them even more eye-catching

Sample label Sample label

Sample label Sample label

Dealer labels with your logo

You can tie your product to your dealers/distributors by using a label with
your logo and overprinting each with the dealer's details.

Sample label

Sample label

Pre-printed generic labels

You can keep your label dispenser with many customers by giving them a roll of
pre-printed labels and they still see you details constantly on the dispenser.
We'll print any label that helps your customer.

Sample label Sample label

Sample label Sample label Sample label

Sample label Sample label Sample label

Removable labels

Some customers need blank or pre-printed removable labels for use on
documents or letters in the same ways they use sticky notes.

Sample label Sample label

General labels

We can prepare labels for any occasion or event with or without clipart or
photographic images and with or without text.

Sample label

Sample label Sample label

Sample label