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Stamp Tidy

The Problem? A great idea that doesn’t work! Rolls of postage stamps have one major problem – the box they come in. It’s a fiddle to assemble, and the box doesn’t last. Every one of your customers that sticks a stamp on a letter has this problem.

The solution? The Stamp Tidy – a plastic box for rolls of stamps. Just drop in the roll of 100 or 200 stamps, clip the 2 halves together and pull the backing paper. Off peels a stamp, one at a time – every time. It won’t wear out because there’s no moving parts!

It's the way to keep your name and number in front of small business customers. Your customers will see your name and number for as long as they post letters. We can print the Stamp Tidy in your brand colours, or use self adhesive labels.

Promotion Ideas

The Stamp Tidy is made for every small business or individual that posts letters, cheques or parcels and doesn稚 own a Franking machine.

This includes retailers, self employed professionals, farmers or tradespeople if these people are your customers the Stamp Tidy will keep your name on their desk for years.

Some ideas & themes for your promotion:

Size & Branding

Size: 60 x 60 x 35mm; weight: 33g; 140 per carton

Branding: on one or both sides by pad print or self-adhesive label

Labels: 48 x 48mm

Colour: ex-stock white;
custom colours for 5000+

Download artwork specifications for the Stamp Tidy in PDF


This is a guide only, for supply with a 2 colour label on one side.
Unit prices have been rounded up the nearest 5c.
Artwork is not included.

Quantity 100 500 1000 5,000 10,000+
Unit Price $5.75 $3.45 $3.30 $2.80 $2.45

Contact us for a full costing


Unprinted: ex-stock
Printed: 5-12 days from approval of artwork

Stamp Tidy with stamps

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Old & new ways

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Stamp Tidy - open

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Choice of colours for 5000+ units

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