Capyure customer email address with the treasure chest & Key promition

Attract customers to your trade show, conference or retail store and capture their email addresses with the treasure chest & key promotion !

Place a treasure chest on your stand / in your store with prizes inside. Promote the prizes to be won by printing a small postcard, and attach a lucky key to the card. The card tells customers where to find the treasure chest, and the prizes they can win. The only way they can win is to come to the treasure chest and try their key. If their key opens the padlock, they win. You choose the mix of winning & losing keys, and the prizes. It’s a customer magnet…they must visit you to win and you choose the prizes ! We’ll print the cards, and tie the keys to each one. You buy the keys, then rent or buy the treasure chest & padlock.

Rent or buy treasure chest

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How to capture every visitor’s email address & add to your database.

Here’s an easy way to build a database.

Every customer that comes to your treasure chest can enter the Second Chance Draw for another prize. They add their name & address to side 2 of the key card, and must include their email address and mobile to enter. They drop their card into a barrel, and when your promotion is over, you draw one card from all the entries as the winner.
Now, you have a barrel full of visitors with all their contact details, and permission to send them emails or SMS sales messages.

Capture every visitor's contact details by offering them an entry in the second chance draw.

Tips for using the treasure chest at Trade Shows

  • Pre event promotion...give your sales force keys to give to customers before the event, or mail to your database.
  • include a key in the event showbag so every visitor gets their key.
  • Employ staff to walk the show, handing out keys to the visitors, and directing them to your stand. If you run the second chance draw, draw the winner in the last hour of the show.
  • Give each visitor a key when they register.
  • Have a bowl of winning and losing keys on your stand. Offer every passer-by a key and the chance to open the treasure chest.

Tips for using the treasure chest at Conferences.

  • If your company has a guest speaker, make sure there’s a key on every delegate’s chair in the meeting room before his/ her presentation.
  • f you sponsor an evening drinks, lunch or dinner, place a key in their table setting for each guest. Offer a key to each guest with their drink.

The only way to win in to come to your treasure chest

Tips for using the treasure chest at retail / new store openings.

  • Mail using your own database. When you do…add a second card and key in the mailing. One chance for for a friend.
  • Buy a list of names of prospects or businesses from a mailing house. You can specify the type of customer, and select by postcode. We can help you source a list.
  • Give away keys to customers that spend money in store. The more they spend, the more keys they are given. And, give them an extra card and key to take away for a family member of friend.
  • If you are in a shopping mall or strip, dress staff in uniform, or perhaps run a “Hidden Trreasure “Theme and dress in pirate gear. Hand out keys to the passing shoppers.
  • Arrange a joint promotion with complimentary business….such as a nearby coffee shop. Every customer that visits your store can be given a card & key to open the padlock in the coffee shop. In the coffee shop, every one of their customers is given a card & key to try in your store.
  • Sponsor a luncheon or dinner with your products or gift vouchers as prizes at the event, ensure every guest is given a key with the invitation to visit your store.

A long queue of shoppers in a mall waiting to try their keys. Notice others adding their name & email address to enter the second chance draw.

How to get this promotion at 50 % or even FREE !!

Just ask a supplier to join the promotion, using their products as the prizes. They sponsor the cards & keys. Send an email to every customer announcing the treasure chest promotion. In return, allow them to build an impressive display of their products in your store. Perhaps they could train your staff in their product range before the keys are given out.

Shopping Centre promotions.

Place a treasure chest in the store centre. Each time a customer spends $ x in a store, the retailer gives them a key to try in the centrally located chest The prizes can be gift vouchers for stores within the Centre.

Using the treasure chest for Fundraising /Trivia Nights/ Annual dinners Fetes/ Fairs.

Ask your supporters to donate prizes to place in the treasure chest, then sell the keys at your event, function, fete or shopping centre stall for a chance to open the Charity Chest. Or, sell the keys as they enter as lucky door prizes.

Using the treasure chest at the Christmas Party !

Some companies have attached a key to their invitations to encourage staff to attend ! Or, have them at the party, Place one winning key per table, and call the tables one at a time to try their luck.

Size & Branding

Keys: length 40mm; Thickness: 1mm; weight: 3g (1000 keys=3kg)
Padlock: solid brass & steel; weight: 180g
The keys are too small to brand so they are usually attached to a card, brochure or catalogue with tape,
a nylon tie or adhesive with the message on the card, brochure or catalogue.
Download artwork specifications for the Treasure Chest key card in PDF format.


Quantity 1-
Keys $0.70 $0.65 $0.60 $0.55 $0.50 $0.45
Padlock $32.00 each
Purchase 27cm wide: $145.00
Rental: $35/day or $70/week


Small quantities are ex-stock
Allow 3-4 weeks for larger quantities

Images & Campaigns

St. George Bank attracted visitors to their stand at a recent financial planners conference using a customised Treasure Chest & Keys promotion.

The keys were distributed to visitors and attendees at the conference. To win, visitors had to visit the St. George stand to try their key in the treasure chest.

The anticipation of winning a prize encouraged hundreds to visit the stand, leading to queues. This provided St George staff with a great opportunity to talk with visitors while they waited in line.

Besides the prizes that were won with the winning keys, St. George ran a Second Chance Drawopen to every visitor. To enter, every visitor (both winners and losers) were offered an entry. All they had to do was complete their contact details on the back of the postcard and drop it into a barrel.

At the end of the conference, St. George had collected hundreds of contact details. It was a very successful promotion for St. George Bank.

Treasure Chest

30cm wide treasure chest - about the size of 3 reams of A4 paper

Keyring & keys

Keyring & keys

Send a key with an invitation

Increace attendance at your event - attach a key to the invitation

Wagner showbag

At a trade show - clip your key and card to the outside of the show bag so every visitor sees it before they leave