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House Money Box

Here's a new way to deliver a message that can relate to homes, building and saving.

The house is supplied as a flat 1 piece moulding and is printed or labelled with your name and logo. It can be shrink wrapped inside
an A4 cardboard sleeve printed with your message.

To build your house, snap off the 6 parts & click together to form a rigid money box it only takes a couple of minutes.

This item would suit any financial institution, or any company that wishes to use the themes‘building or savings’ in their promotions.

Promotion Ideas

The success in using this house is that your customers are involved in your message by assembling the house themselves. There are only 6 parts and it takes about 2 minutes to build.

Once assembled, your customers have created a bright & rigid money box that will last for years. With every coin they save, they see your name!

The House Money Box, offers a unique promotion opportunity based on themes of building and saving.

Here are some message ideas for your house money box:

Here are some promotion campaign suggestions:

See our Promotions Guide for other great ideas!

Size & Branding

House - flat: 280 x 210mm; gross weight: 125g; 50 per carton

House - constructed: 140 x 90 x 70mm

Colours - red, blue, green yellow house with white windows;
choice of roof in red or green

This item is made to order and printed with your logo during
production - contact us for artwork & print specifications


This is a guide only, for supply with a 1 colour screen print in 1 position. It includes a 2 colour printed card, shrink-wrapped around the house. Unit prices have been rounded up the nearest 10c.
Artwork is not included.

Quantity 500-999 1000-1999 2000-4999 5,000+
Unit Price $12.00 $10.70 $9.00 $8.00

Contact us for a full costing


Imported from Denmark: 8-10 weeks

Size comparison image

House Money Box - assembled

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House Money Box - unassembled

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House Money Box - assembled

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House Money Box - 4 colours

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